​Applied Research Synopsis:

each student can pick a topic and write a maximum 3-page synopsis on that topic . At least one page should discuss the current industry practices in that area and the second page should contain the latest research in the area. The synopsis should be typed in single-space. Both the current industry practices and the latest research sections should contain at least three major points. Higher the number of points, the better. Each student must have read at least 5 pertinent articles in each of the areas—current practices and latest research. The last page of the synopsis should contain the reference list. The topics can be selected by the students. Topics can be as broad as supply chain management (SCM), lean manufacturing, quality management, etc. but bonus points will be given to students who pick very specific topics such as SCM among auto manufacturers in the U.S. or ISO 9000 certification and their benefits for manufacturers in developing economies. Keep in mind that your literature review/reference list should correspond to the synopsis and the title. To reiterate, points will NOT be deducted for broad topics but you can get bonus points for narrow, specific topics that require more effort. Feel free to talk to the instructors for further clarification. hello, the assignment requirement been explained above, please make sure its an original work with no plagiarize. also, it should be 3 pages typed in single-space

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