​Executive Summary

Executive Summary. You should prepare an executive summary of one of the chapters we do not cover in class, according to the guidelines below. Please don’t hesitate to use the Writing services of UB’s Achievement and Learning Center, to polish your Summary! Your executive summary should have a minimum of 250 words and should be submitted as a Word document (doc or docx) here in the Assignments area of Sakai.”


An executive summary or management summary is a short document that summarizes one or more longer documents, readings, or reports so that the key points are highlighted for the reader.It should include a brief statement of the content in the major document(s), pertinent background information, key points, and main conclusions.

Typical structure

The summary should be easy for the eye to follow with headings, bulleted points, and white space making the page(s) inviting to read while providing ample space for margin notes. Additionally, it should

  • be about 250-400 words
  • be written in clear language appropriate for the target audience
  • consist of short and concise paragraphs
  • have bullets that are complete thoughts (if used at all)
  • start with a brief summary
  • use headings that are tied to the main document
  • be written in the same order as the main report
  • only include material present in the main report
  • make recommendations if appropriate
  • provide a justification for any recommendations
  • have a short concluding statement or paragraph


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