2 questions 1 para. each CITED!!

Marketing Strategies

Conduct research and present to the class an example of effective branding. Was it an example of private branding, generic branding, manufacture branding? Do you think that the company targeted a specific consumer group? What sort of variables (demographics, geo-graphics, behavior, psychographics) do you think the company was trying to target? Do you think packaging and labeling were effective? Why or why not?

Market Segmentation

If you were developing a marketing campaign for the Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Company, what group of consumers would you target? What if you were marketing an iPod? What about time-shares (vacation-ownership opportunities) in Vail, Colorado? For each of these products, explain if and how you would market these on the internet or social media and identify at least five segmentation characteristics that you‘d use in developing a profile of your customers. Explain the segmentation category into which each characteristic falls—demographic, geographic, behavioral, or psychographic. Where it‘s appropriate, be sure to include at least one characteristic from each category.

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