Academy of Careers and Technology Estimating Initial Major Start up Cost Paper

Please based on the business I created in the file i uploaded.

Capstone Project Part 3:

Start-up Costs

It’s time to estimate how much money it’s going to cost to start your business. This is not always easy,

but in order to give your business the best chance of succeeding this has to be done.

For Capstone Project Part 3, create a synopsis of all your major start-up costs.

Some things you might want to consider:

List the equipment, furniture, supplies and people needed to operate your business.

Itemize startup costs for inventory, signage, sales and marketing literature or tools, research and

product development, licenses, permits, operating capital, and legal or professional fees.

Calculate your monthly overhead for rent, supplies, utilities, business and

health insurance


taxes, Internet access, shipping and other services.

Factor in your salary and employee or contractor wages.

It’s OK to estimate your expenses. Your synopsis has to be at least 250 words and include your major


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