Accounting Information Systems Questions

1. What is the difference between confidentiality and privacy?

2. How many different types of personal information exist? Give some examples of each.

3. A) Are threats to Accounting information Systems increasing or decreasing?

Provide some reasons for your answer.

B) How well are organizations protecting their data? Provide some reasons for your answer.

4. A) Compare and contrast IT General Controls and IT Application Controls. Give 2 (two) specific

examples for each.

B) Describe the three categories of controls and give examples of 2 (two) specific controls found

in each category.

5. a. Does your company or practice collect, store, or transmit Personally Identifiable Information (PII)?

b. Does your company collect, store, or transmit confidential client information from your business customers?

c. Does your company accept credit cards as payment for goods and services and process credit card transactions?

d. Does your company or practice use cloud storage for your PII, PHI, or confidential client information?

e. Does your company or practice have wireless networks in its office?

If your answered “yes” to this five questions, explain the cyber and privacy risk for each of the five questions listed.

6. Many facts/statements regarding computer security were presented and discussed during the third

module of the course. Fully explain each of the statements listed.

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