Agra University Pay for Earnings or Other Aspects and Spend or Cut Taxes

Pay for Earnings or Other Aspects

Given the choice between two companies, one of which trades at a higher multiple (price based on earnings per share or P/E multiple) why would one purchase the higher of the two? What likely objectives would this investor have?

The successful submission will clearly and concisely state reasons for purchase of shares other than price based on earnings alone.

Spend or Cut Taxes

Do you think the government should spend or cut taxes during an economic downturn to encourage economic growth? Describe the unintended consequences of either decision.

The successful post will clearly make the case for either recommendation.

Client Understanding

Do you believe structured products should only be sold to clients with a need and an understanding or is the need alone sufficient?

Each one is a discussion question that must have at least 75 words, Do not need a reference unless you are quoting someone

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