You can find the original Story 7 assignment (a speech story) here (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. You will need information from that webpage whether you do the original assignment or the alternate assignment below. Either one will be fine.

Alternate assignment: Live-tweeting a speech

Select one of the three speeches from the Story 7 assignment. Pretend that you are a journalist covering the speech at the time it occurs. By some technological miracle of the mid-20th century, you have gained access to the internet and Twitter.

First, write a setup tweet that would be sent shortly before the speech starts, telling who’s going to be speaking about what topic.As you listen to the speech, write at least 10 live tweets describing or quoting newsworthy statements as they occur. After the speech, write a final tweet as if you had written a story and were trying to lure readers to your story on the internet. That’s a total of 12 tweets.

Now, you will not be writing real tweets. Do not put them on Twitter. (After all, we don’t want anybody to think that there is an imminent threat of nuclear war or that the Vietnam War is still going on.)

Instead of sending out actual tweets, you must write all your hypothetical tweets in a single Microsoft Word file, which you will upload to Canvas.

The body of each tweet must contain:

  • 100 to 120 characters (our 120-character limit leaves space for someone to retweet without exceeding Twitter’s 140-character limit)
  • The Twitter handle of your fictitious news organization, @troynews
  • A hashtag about the event, such as #JFKspeech
  • Most important, a news bulletin (a summary of the most recent important news from the speech). Each tweet must contain attribution: It must be clear that the factual assertion or comment came from the speaker. One efficient way to achieve attribution might be by combining it with the hashtag if the hashtag is appropriately worded. See the first example below.

Your 12th tweet should essentially contain the lede of your hypothetical story — the most important news from the speech. And the 12th tweet must include a hypothetical link to your finished story. (You are not required to write the story.)

Finally, at the bottom of each tweet, put its character count. Microsoft Word can count characters for you, using its “word count” feature.


Your setup tweet might look like this:

President Kennedy will speak from Oval Office about Soviet missiles in Cuba; follow it here #JFKspeech @troynews

112 characters

One of your 10 live tweets might look like this:

#JFKspeech: Soviet Union has offensive missile sites in Cuba capable of nuclear strikes in Western Hemisphere @troynews

119 characters

Your final tweet might look like this:

JFK confronts USSR on nuclear missile sites in Cuba #JFKspeech @troynews

105 characters

(Don’t use my wording for your own tweets.)

Grading criteria will include accuracy, clarity, how effective your tweets would be in drawing readers’ interest, proper usage of elements such as hashtags and handles, and how well you follow directions. You will also be graded on such mechanical factors as spelling, grammar and punctuation. You should use AP style except where you can save characters by using shorter forms.

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