Application: Resolving Ethical Issues and Dilemmas

Application: Resolving Ethical Issues and DilemmasIntroduction to the Nonprofit SectorAPA FORMAT USE THE UPLOADED RESOURCES IN CITATIONS AND AS REFERENCES DUE 8PM SATURDAY NEW YORK TIMENPOs are driven by their vision and mission, which generally involve social change or public service. For this reason, the daily operations of NPOs are aimed at social goals rather than the accumulation of wealth. These operations, obviously, should be conducted in an ethical manner. However, as you have been reading in the Learning Resources, not all NPOs have ethical codes or guidelines, and those that do often have codes that cover only select aspects of ethical conduct. Therefore, how can NPOs be encouraged to act ethically, and how can they resolve ethical dilemmas?In this Application, you will review a case study describing an ethical dilemma faced by an NPO. Then, you will explain how the issue might be resolved.To prepare for this assignment:Review this week’s Learning Resources, focusing on how ethical conduct can be addressed in NPOs.Consider any NPOs you are familiar with or have heard about that have faced or been involved in ethical issues or dilemmas. You may wish to consider those that you or your colleagues mentioned in this week’s Discussion.Reflect on how such ethical issues or dilemmas have or can be addressed.The assignment: (1—2 pages) NOT INCLUDING TITLE PAGE AND REFERECNE PAGEExplain the ethical issue or dilemma facing the NPO in the case study.Explain why you believe it is an issue or dilemma.Describe how the issue or dilemma might be resolved by the organization.Justify your response.

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