Assignment Best Practic for ehancing leadership of change mastery in mid-level leaders

For this assignment -From the interview summary findings. Present summary findings from your interviews, using the best stories and quotes from both interviews to illustrate general themes that support your theory discussion. Synthesize what seemed to be best practices at this (middle-level) of leadership. You may use a unique graphic or verbal metaphor.

Second part of your page, which should be 2-3 pages. Provide recommendations from enhancing leadership of change mastery at middle level of leadership and provides evidence to support those recommendations to your committee in a way that is practical, justified, memorable, and actionable for your audience of professionals at the conference. Remember to include some of your best quotes and stories and show how your recommendations help leaders develop. Include models that illustrate the conditions that help leaders grow. You may choose to draw upon the appreciative inquiry stories that you worked on from your personal project.

Common themes for a twenty-first century professional. In a separate section, discuss how The New Business Realities and The Thinking Habits of Mind, Heart and Imagination are reflected in the leadership interview findings. Select two Business Realities and two of The Thinking Habits of Mind, Heart and Imagination to discuss

**I will upload the interviews projective from last discussion with each interviewee questions once bid

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