BSCOM465 Phoenix Communication In Mediation And Conflict Resolution Paper

Assignment Content

  1. Choose a conflict you are currently facing, or of which you are aware.
    Write a paper of at least 1,500 words addressing the following:

    • Apply mediation as a preferred conflict management technique in a social, family, business, or global context.
    • Describe the conflict (personal, news media, etc.) and present the pros and cons of using mediation as a conflict management process.

    Support your responses with at least two peer-reviewed sources.
    Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines, which includes an introduction, in-text citations, a conclusion and a reference page. All substantive portions, including sub-categories within the body of the paper, must include headings and all requirements set forth in the Instructor Policies document. Please refer to the example of a properly formatted APA paper that is available in the Center for Writing Excellence in the university library.
    Refer to the grading rubric below.
    Submit your assignment.

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