Business and Society


Securing Personal Information

Leveraging technology is a concept that is not going anywhere anytime soon. How does your organization guard against a breach of your personal information? Provide at least 2 examples and support them with evidence.

Compare and contrast your organization’s approach to at least one other of your classmate’s post.

Classmate Post

After listening to the lecture, I found that many companies are susceptible to being hacked. In my large organization, there are several ways to safe guard information. We can do our best to safeguard the way we use our computers, so that their is almost no breach of personal information. First, everything in the company is password protected. We have to log in on every computer with a complexed password, that must be changed every 90 days. Passwords are not straight forward, but have to have many symbols, along with upper and lower case letters. Another safe guard, is the firewall system that the company has in place. Every week, (IT) conducts a sweep of our computer system, looking for and monitoring any suspicious activity. Lastly, every Monday, an emails goes out to alert users not to open spam or emails from people we don’t know or suspicious emails from friends who forward you things (not knowing) that could cause a virus. Nothing is full proof, there are cyber criminals surfing our computer network to steal personal information that could make our lives a nightmare. Many corporation have gotten hacked and had to pay a hefty price. When companies are hacked, and people’s information are leaked, such as: Target, Home Depot, JP Morgan, the public tends to stay away from your business, resulting in huge losses in revenue. Corporations big and small are responsible for the protection of their consumers information, which leads to public trust and increase in spending. We can all do our part to protect our businesses.


Ethics and Worker Privacy

Many companies now view the social media pages of their workers and potential applicants. Do you think that this is ethical and a good business practice, or is it a violation of worker privacy?


The Supply Chain

Define suppliers and explain their interests and power, especially as related to lead firms. Discuss at least 2 reasons why globalization affected the supply chain.

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