Business Intelligence – Defining Data

Companies exist that are in the business of helping other companies, also known as their clients, manage their DW (Data Warehouse) and analytics. Conduct research to locate companies within the DW industry, such as Teredata, to write a paper outlining your thoughts regarding their effectiveness.

Some additional context to consider in your 1-2 page paper (not including the title page):

  • What do the clients; identify at least three, of your selected company say about how their business practices have changed as a result of utilizing the resources provided? Essentially, locate at least three client testimonials as it relates to how Business Intelligence tools have enhanced their business.
  • What skills would a user need to become proficient in the tools provided by your chosen company? Is the learning curve excessive or appropriate for the rapid pace of business today?
  • How effective is your selected company within the DW industry?
  • What steps does your selected company have planned to increase leverage in their given industry?

Be sure to use at least 1 in-text citation and cite all references in APA style as well as writing the paper in APA style.

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