C-TPAT Program for Import Activities Report

First part- Prepare a small “word” report of at least7 pages(including graphics and references; single space, font 14 (Arial) about:

C-TPAT Program for Import Activities, and DataSecond part- Include as an attachment a copy of the “recent” monthly data (last 20 years) related the related to the “C-TPAT Program for Import Activities” (an EXCEL format is preferred) and their sources or references. This 2nd part may appear at the end of your report as Appendix Data, or as another attached file named:

Points per criteria






If report includes recent data

If report does not include recent data

If report meets or exceeds the requested components

If report does not meet the requested components

If report is absent

If conclusions are present

If conclusions are absent

If report meets the requested format

If report does not meet the requested format

If the references are included

If the references are not included

Note: “Word” documents with single space, Arial font, and 14 size in one of the two standard formats (MLA or APA) are acceptable.

MLA: Modern Language Association; APA: American Psychological Association

Task Report Components

1. Clear and concise title

2. Executive Summary

3. Introduction(objectives, precedents, contribution)

4. Background or antecedents

5. Datadescription(information description, variables, Target population,

Sampling units).

6. Methodology(calculations, statistical procedures, etc.)

7. Results

8. Discussion of results

9. Limitations


11. Recommendations

12. Appendix (survey, additional results, etc.)

13.References(bibliography and e-sites)

14.Data in Excel format (this is another file)

Although all components are important, not all of them may be present in the report, but the components written in bold faceshould show up in the task report.

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