Case Study 1 (Article & Submission) Submit Assignment

Due date: see Syllabus

Paper guidelines: The case study must be typed with 1-inch margins, double-spaced, 12 point Times New Roman front, and numbered pages. Electronic submission through Canvas is required. Late assignments are not accepted.

Direction: Read the case carefully and answer the following questions.

Jack, manager of a small bakery department, has just been told that he is over budget on bakery supplies. To cut expenses, Jack meet with his staff and instructs them to reuse any supplies they can. On the following Monday, the bakery staff decides to reuse the parchment paper used to line the cookie pans during baking. The first batch of cookies is peanut butter, the next sugar, then finally chocolate chip. All cookies are packaged by variety and placed on tables for sale.

On Friday of the same week, Mrs. Smith calls to tell the supermarket that her seven year-old son was hospitalized shortly after having sugar cookies that were purchased on Thursday. Mrs. Smith further accuses the store manager of not having the right ingredients labels on the sugar cookies. She said her son had a server allergic reaction to peanuts, which was traced back to the cookies.

When Jack learns about this situation, he insists the ingredients label is correct and that peanuts are not in the sugar cookies recipe.


  1. How could the sugar cookies be the cause of Mrs. Smith’s son’s allergic reaction?
  2. How could this situation have been prevented?
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