Choose research topic

A minimum 2250-word (excluding the separate cover, abstract, and reference pages), APA-style research paper. No more than 25% of the written assignment in this course may be attributed to referenced sources. Your paper must be 75% original thought. Again, your cited work and quotations must not exceed 25%. You must use and cite a minimum of five primary sources (with no more than two being internet sources) in the text and References page. Dictionaries and encyclopedias are not appropriate or considered adequate as referenced sources. Turnitin originality reports provide the instructor with the word count in addition to the percentage of wording attributable to other sources. Do not cut and paste from other sources. Your failure to cite sources by using in-text citations and failure to use APA quotation.

You must select a research topic from the following list and use your research to relate the topic to exploiting specifically identified weaknesses in transnational terrorist organizations while demonstrating an understanding of the Saint Leo core value of integrity as it relates to addressing one of the following terrorism-related topics:

  • Terrorist Cells in America
  • The Threat and Work of Lone Wolf Terrorists in America
  • The Roles, Responsibilities, and Work of Three Major Local and/or State Intelligence Units
  • The Similarities in Homegrown Violent Extremist Groups
  • The Common Characteristics of American Residents (and/or Citizens) Radicalized for Terrorism and the Motivation of the Groups They Formed or Joined (e.g., Lackawanna Six, Fort Dix Group, Virginia Jihad, etc.)
  • Domestic Radicalization and Recruitment to Jihadist Terrorism
  • U.S. Capacity for Combatting Weapons of Mass Destruction
  • Tangible Connections Associated With Organized Crime and Terrorism
  • To What Extent Can Publicly Available Information Be Used in Planning Terrorist Attacks
  • The Use of the Internet to Radicalize and Recruit Terrorists
  • The Use of the Internet to Train Terrorists
  • The Use of the Internet to Distribute Propaganda and to Cultivate Material Support
  • The Use of the Internet to Plan Terrorist Attacks
  • Cyber Terrorism: The Greatest Risks in the U.S.
  • Prisoner Radicalization and Terrorism
  • Financing Terrorism
  • Joint Terrorism Task Forces: The Return-On-Investment (with Multiple Case Studies)
  • How the Patriot Act Improved the U.S. Ability to Detect and Investigate Terrorism (include specific case studies)
  • The Major Investigative Techniques Employed in Terrorist Investigations and a Real-Life Success for Each

-The Potential Use and Possible Impact of a Specific Modality of Weapon of Mass Destruction

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