Communication class

Homework Assignments:

A.Student needs to identify 3 individuals to ask a question? Write down their responses:

  • Friend, ask “what type of communication skills do you believe that I need to improve”?
  • Family member, “what communication skills that you believe I can improve upon”?
  • Who has the job you want in “5 or 10 years”, what position or company do you plan on working for? Identify the person and position, make a contact through internet and ask the question? What type of communication skills will you need to be a success?

BFind at least 3 selections for a Vocal Evaluation, they can be the following: a) poem, b) prose,c) Children story, d) song, e) article, f) dramatic interpretation, g) religious/spiritual, f) etc.You will be reading the selection as the 1st of the vocal evaluations.

C.Please be prepared to go to the Blackboard site, in order to do online home work as well.

Definitions (Group or Individual)

  • Social media, blogs, visualization, positive imagery, situational anxiety,
  • Types of interviews, open ended questions, closed ended questions,
  • John Dewey model, brainstorming, decision making, groupthink, small group communication, types of criteria,
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