Complete 2 Classmate Discussion Responses for Workforce Development Course



My name is Jarod Fuller. I am a sales rep at AT&T in Jacksonville, Florida. I am majoring in Organizational Leadership and hope to graduate in the Fall.

All three videos discussed the four functions of management: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. Planning deals with the company’s future goals and objectives and how to get there. Organizing is when thinking of how to move the company forward and allocate resources to do that. Leading is the role of influencing employees and setting standards and goals. Lastly, controlling is the function that ensures financial and business goals and making sure those are met by keeping the company on track.

Out of the four functions of management, I have the most experience in leading. While I have a manager that oversees me, I am also my own manager and leader. We have to work as a team. I motivate my team members to meet quotas and complete sales. In my profession, we have to have excellent communication skills, so I handle conflict daily. The videos discussed this by saying “today, there is a direction to guide employees to work and correct themselves without the top down system.” Further, I set my own standards when it comes to the company. We have quotas, but we also have bonus quotas based on our choice, so I take a leadership role and decide which direction to take my sales. I also make sure that when a team member is falling behind they also are aware of what is needed and expected. This all falls under the leadership function of management.



My name is Stephanie Walker, and I am a full-time student at VSU. My major is Office Administration and Technology, and I’m scheduled to graduate May 2019. I’m from Atlanta, GA, but I’ve been in Valdosta for three years, and I love it here. I work full-time at a car dealership here in Valdosta, as well. In my spare time, I enjoy online shopping, traveling, hanging out with my friends, and spending time with family.

After watching the videos covering the Four Functions of Management, I would say I have the most experience with organizing in my personal and professional life. Organizing is considered “getting the resources arranged in an orderly and functional way to accomplish the goals and objectives,” and in all of the jobs I’ve worked in has involved me organizing to make the workday go as smoothly as possible. Organizing is so important because if everyone have all the resources they need to get their job done in the workplace, then it is easier to meet goals and complete tasks. I’ve done things such as filing paperwork, ordering materials for the office, and inputting and updating information. All of those things would be considered as organizing because it makes it easier to complete assignments when everything is in place and updated. Honestly, I think this function is one of the most important steps in management, but it is often skipped and delayed throughout the workday.

Note: Video 3, Four Functions of Management –

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