dentify 3 ways SJ helped Michael break out of his shell and/or supported him? 


Assignment 1 is a movie analysis of The Blind Side starring Sandra Bullock.

Blind Side Questions:

1) What are some challenges Michael experienced when he 1st arrived at his new school (identify all: personally, academically, and socially) ?

2) How did Michael help the family become closer and more socially conscious throughout the film? Give at least 3 examples.

3) Describe the initial relationship between Collins and Michael and explain what incident broke the ice between them, AND how that influenced his relationship with his other peers at school.

4) Identify 3 ways SJ helped Michael break out of his shell and/or supported him?

5) How did Mrs. Leigh Anne Tuohy use motivation to help Michael understand the fundamental concepts of football?

6) Mr. Sean Tuohy described his wife as an “onion with layers” and stating “you have to pull back one layer at a time. Give 2 examples and explain why Mr. Tuohy was correct in his assessment.

ALL QUESTIONS MUST BE ANSWERED in complete sentences, in paragraph form and a minimum of 6-7 sentences per question. 

Directions: Although bipolar and depressive disorders share several key similarities, some aspects are radically different among these disorders. The completion of this chart gives you an opportunity to thoroughly compare and contrast these specific disorders. Complete the table below by following the example provided for Cyclothymic Disorder. Include examples and at least two scholarly references as reference notes below the chart.

Note: “D/O” is an acronym for disorder


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