DeVry University Week 5 Steam Room Coffee Shop Risk Management Plan

Just the highlighted portion on the attachment

Risk Management Plan

[Put your risk management plan here. Provide an APA formatted table that shows your top five risks and their severity, in order of declining severity score. 5 is a high risk or probability risk event, and 1 is a low risk or low probability event. Severity is the result of multiplying these two items. Make sure you introduce the table before you display it to the reader]

Table 2: Risk Severity Assessment

Risk #

Short Description

Impact (I)
(1 to 5)

Probability (P)

(1 to 5)

Severity Score

(I X P)

[Provide a risk response plan. Create the table yourself in APA style. Include the risk #, short description, the generic plan for dealing with the risk (share, mitigate, prevent, transfer, accept, avoid), who is responsible for authorizing the response plan for each risk]

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