Discuss the motivations for English colonization of America.


The paper must be written in APA style, must observe all rules of proper grammar, and must be typed and double-spaced.

Papers will include:

· a review of the symptoms and diagnostic criteria of the disorder

· potential or known causes of the disorder

· treatment options and efficacy

· description of the impact this disorder can have on various aspects of functioning (social, occupational, academic, etc.)

· any social stigma associated with the disorder

· Papers should be a minimum of 10 pages of text (excluding cover sheet).  A minimum of 10 references is required, with at least 7 of those being journal articles from peer-reviewed journals.  Encyclopedias and common websites (including but not limited to Wikipedia and WebMD) are not appropriate references.  The Brenau Library Website (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. contains links such as RESEARCH GUIDES Psychology, PsychArticles and other databases of scholarly references. Please utilize these resources when searching for your 10 referencesRead John Winthrop “A Model of  Christian Charity.” John Winthrop Defines the Puritan Ideal of Community, as well Dewar’s article on England’s joint stock companies. Discuss the motivations for English colonization of America. Identify a particular group or colony and discuss the political, economic, or social reasons behind their coming to the New World. Explain.


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