Discussion Bored Questions.

Public Health Implications of Disasters

Week 8 – Complex Humanitarian Emergencies


Complex humanitarian emergencies are typically found outside the United States and include the end result of famine and war. These two entities displace large populations, create refugee camps and lead to a breakdown of society as we know it. The medical, public health and incident management approach to these incidents is completely different than to most other disasters because these are slow-moving beasts which typically last for years and create casualty counts in the 6 to 7 figures or greater. They cannot be solved with a single decision or the input of a single organization or country. Fred Burkle is considered to be one of the top researchers in the world on this topic. I think you will enjoy his work.



1. Frederick Burkle. Complex Emergencies: An Introduction. Burkle.pdf

2. Michael VanRooyen et al. Emerging Needs. VanRooyen2.pdf

Optional Reading

1. Benjamin Starnes. Peacekeeping and Stability Operations: A Military Surgeon’s Perspective. Starnes military surgeon.pdf

Discussion Questions

1. The Van Rooyen article lists emerging issues and future trends for the provision of humanitarian aid in complex humanitarian emergencies. Choose three of these and describe how they are being handled or have been handled at any complex humanitarian emergency outside the United States within the last 15 years. Again, choose a unique event from your classmates so that we can enrich ourselves with a greater degree of education rather than having everyone talk about the same two or three events.

– APA Style

– Kindly, answer all questions clearly and completely.

– 3 references at least.

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