ED603 Choose a Chapter

Choose a Chapter from the Text

Next week you will write a reflection on one of the five chapters from the text (Nelson, Palonsky, & McCarthy, 2013). Read ahead to the Week 2 discussion post “Whose Interest Should Schools Serve?” for detailed instructions.

For this assignment, select one of the following chapters you would like to use for your reflection and post the chapter title. To make sure every chapter is discussed, each chapter should be selected once before a second candidate chooses it. (Note: Chapters 1 and 6 are not options for this post. You will address chapter 6’s topic, gender equity, in another assignment.)

  • Chapter 2: Family Choice in Education: Public Interest or Private Good
  • Chapter 3: Financing Schools: Equity or Privilege
  • Chapter 4: Privatization, Commercialization, and the Business of School: Complementing or Competing Interests
  • Chapter 5: Religion and Public Schools: Free Expression or Separation
  • Chapter 7: New Immigrants and the Schools: Unfair Burden or Business as Usual

Note: This is a pass/no pass discussion board post that must be completed. Peer responses are not required for this post.


Nelson, J. L., Palonsky, S. B., & McCarthy, M. R. (2013). Critical issues in education: Dialogues and dialectics (8th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.

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