Please answer the following in complete sentences and paragraphs. Each question is worth 20 points and should be two to three well-written paragraphs in length and guided by APA format.

1. Summarize the Graniteville incident in the terms of the Behavioral Paradigm as represented in this week’s additional reading in “Resources” (Mitchell, 2005).

2. Why might a population be more willing to evacuate an area following a technological disaster rather than a natural disaster (i.e. Hurricane or floods)?

3. Discuss the concepts of scale and scope in terms of technological disasters and from there, contrast each (scale and scope) with that of natural disasters in general.

4. Discuss the global aspects of disaster and why regulation alone is often insufficient in combating its effects.

5. Having read about climate change and environmental hazards, which in specific do you believe your local jurisdiction is most susceptible to in terms of not only regional / historical vulnerability, but also perhaps insufficient community preparedness measures? Be specific.

Please No Plagiarism

Please list References

Use APA Format and intext Citation

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