Explain the driving force behind self organization in Perruchet psychology homework help

Please respond to the instructor’s question in at least 250 words. The answer must be in APA format and include at least one reference. I will include the original question as well as my response as a reference to look at…but you only need to respond to the instructor’s question.

Original Question:

Explain the driving force behind self-organization in Perruchet and Vinter’s model. Is this force plausible? Provide opinion and support.

My Response:

One of the things that become clear when reading through the argument put forward by Perruchet and Vinter model is that they seek to use the unconscious part of the brain as a measurable variable when analyzing the human action and motivation. It is one of the aspects that has been considered virtually impossible because since it is not in the conscious part of the brain, it thus becomes impossible for it to be subjected to be measured. However, it is a psychological fact that the subconscious forms a part of the human motivation and activities, it has a ‘background’ of all types that can be measured regarding its contribution. The problem is that the authors assume that this process does not follow a particular syllogism, that is not abrupt and follow a particular order.

The point they make is that the state in which the subconscious contributes to human action and motivation because this would mean that it is a measurable variable and thus the cognition process does not require to be conscious. Thus, they come to a conclusion that ‘subconscious generates information that is meaningful and usable by both the human subject and the researcher’ (Perruchet & Vinter, 2002). So, what they propose is that such a position is not true and that the subconscious just contributes insignificantly to the grasp of human representations. The focus is that the self-organizing conscious is. As a result of the unification of cognition, perception, and attention. So, is such a position possible? There have been findings in such areas but it is highly in its infancy, but it could be possible that mental life can be accounted for without dwelling on the unconscious.


Perruchet, P., & Vinter, A. (2002). The self-organizing consciousness as an alternative model of the mind. Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 25(03), 360-380.

Instructor’s Question:

Can you think of any ways to measure the unconscious? For me, one thing that is difficult is the fact that as something comes up into consciousness, does this actually suggest an unconscious? For example, if you slam on your brakes to stop from hitting the car in front of you, would this be an unconscious act or a conscious act? Some might argue unconscious – some might argue conscious. What are your thoughts?

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