Explore the meaning of minority in discussing whether women can be considered as a minority group discussion help


Explore the meaning of “minority” in discussing whether women can be considered as a minority group.

Minority can be known for many thing. When speaking about a certain group such as females it would fall under the subdivision of society. Meaning with race, gender, or religion regardless of the size of the group. Do I think women are in the minority? I do believe that they are. For one women will never be equal to a man. We can march, fight, and voice our opinions about how it’s wrong but a man will always have the upper hand in the world. “This gendered division of labor and gender roles is held as the standard for society. Gender inequality is defined not as a product of differential power but rather as a functional necessity (Marger 2008). Yet women who assert their rights for social and economic equality are seen as attacking the structure of society (Bonvillian 2006). Theorists from this perspective note that as increasing numbers of women have entered the workforce, the number of divorces and the frequency of nonmarital childbearing have also increased. They suggest that children are more likely to suffer from divorce, more likely to become delinquent without adequate parental supervision, and more likely to be disadvantaged economically and socially if born to a single mother (Bonvillian 2006; Farley 2005). According to a 2013 Pew Research Center survey, most Americans believe that the increase in the number of working women has made it harder for parents to raise children and harder for marriages to succeed (Wang, Parker, and Taylor 2013). From this perspective, a change in gender roles (among women in particular) undermines the stability of the family (Farley 2005) and, ultimately, society.” (Leon-Guerrero, A) The discrimination in women still stand today. We are taught to cover our body up because if we show certain areas we are asking to be raped or taken advantage of. Women have too many emotions to hold the oval office. I can’t tell you how many I heard a male say that. She will get her monthly friend and start blowing up countries. Women shouldn’t be in combat because they’re not strong enough or will take your boyfriend or spouse. A woman could be more educated than a more qualified for a job than a man but because she is of the childbearing age the male will most likely get the job over her. Or a male and a female could hold the same title and the same degree level yet a man will be paid more. If you start looking at the data between men and women you can tell that men will always over power females. If you look at single mothers they work twice as hard to make it and most live under or right above the poverty line.

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Explore the meaning of “minority” in discussing whether women can be considered as a minority group.

The Dictionary of Law states that minority is “A number or quantity which is less than half of the total” (P.H. Collin, “minority”). While it is understood that women make up 50 to 51 percent of the global population, women are regularly described as a minority group in the United States. This seems to be inaccurate since women make up at least half the population and do not meet the dictionary meaning of the term minority. The reason that women are regularly referred to as minorities is because they are largely outweighed by men in the work place. According to the United States Department of Labor, women made up about 47 percent of the work force in the U.S. in 2010 (US Department of Labor, “Women in the Labor Force”). While that does not seem like a huge difference, it can be in a male dominated field. Women do not necessarily classify as a minority in the United States. They do classify as a minority in the United States work force though. While many women feel as though they are a minority since they are a group of people that they are discriminated against by the large majority of the work force, this may just be a poor choice of words. While statistically not a minority, they are regularly put into groups of less power and privilege than men worldwide, which meets the Penguin Dictionary definition of minority group which is “Any identifiable cultural, racial, ethnic or religious group that is subjected to disadvantageous patterns of discrimination and prejudice” (The Penguin Dictionary, “minority group”). Depending on which definition of minority or minority group that one chooses to abide by or use in this case, women may or may not be considered a minority. Especially when pertaining to specific countries and regions, the discussion of women as a minority becomes even more difficult as numbers change in relation to each country and culture.

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