Finish one part of the group project about filming a documentary film.

Compose the editor part of this project. The story board is uploading in the files, and the scene we selected of the movie is a shot in the night, and the intense of the scene is stressed. Based on the content of storyboard and the outline of the project finish the proposal part of editor, which means write a one and half pages proposal. The outline is down here:

Visual Aesthetics Project

Topic: People commuting into Boston and their lifestyle

Form: Categorical

Mood: Stressed

Brainstorm: As a group, we will be exploring the topic of students who commute into the city and how they live their life as commuters differently than students who live on campus. Jess currently coaches the women’s soccer team and she commutes to her job but before becoming a coach, she was actually a Suffolk University student. While she was enrolled, she would also commute to school.

5 shots for interviews:

1st shot- view of Park St. subway (medium-shot)

2nd shot- stairs (long shot)

3rd shot- someone waiting for the T (medium shot)

4th shot- getting on the T (long-shot)

5th shot- on the T (commuting) (close-up)

B-roll pictures:

-someone paying for the ticket

-walking in/out of the subway station

-subway coming

-empty subway station (idea that the commuter is waiting for the subway)

-signs inside the subway

-someone ordering an uber

-walking through the common

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