Forensic/Bioarchaeology Anthropology

Forensic/Bioarchaeology Anthropology

Final Paper (100 pts.)

General Instructions For your final paper you have the choice of three topics. Please choose the topic which is of the most interest to you. Your paper must include a thesis statement on your topic. In other words, you need a topic for your topic- the paper is not just a general overview. Please email me if you have any questions on a topic. A VoiceThread will be available expanding on this handout and paper topics.

Length: Each paper will be 5-7 pages NO MORE, NO LESS. I will not read past the 7th page and 5 points will be deducted if the paper is under 5 pages (that means 5 sheets, not 4 sheets and a sentence on the 5th sheet) or over 7 pages. Please use 12 pt. font, double spaced, and normal margins. If you attempt to make the paper longer by adjusting the margins, I will deduct the 5 points.

The paper will include: The body of the text that is 5-7 pages (not including graphics or title page), and a References Cited page. You may add pictures or tables as needed, but these are not required.

References: The paper must have at least 5 references from published books or peer reviewed journals. You may use other sources such as movies or websites, as long as you have you have the 5 required sources. All sources must be citied. DO NOT CITE WIKIPEDIA. YOU WILL BE DEDUCTED 5 POINTS EACH TIME YOU CITE WIKIPEDIA. Places you can look for sources are: The library (including online databases)

GoogleScholar (link on Canvas page) Use references cited in the textbook on your topic Use references cited in articles or books you are reading on the topic Check with me and I can provide assistance finding sources

The references cited for this paper should be formatted using the Society for American Archaeology SAA Style Guide. Points will be subtracted for using a different format in your references cited (bibliography). A link for the guide is on Canvas. The paper is due Thursday Aug. 9, 2018. NO LATE PAPERS WILL ACCEPTED. Submission: You will submit your paper under “Assignments” under “Final Paper.”

Your paper will be run through VeriCite and plagiarism will receive a 0.

ANT 103

Final Paper (100 pts.) Grading: The paper is worth 100 points and will be graded accordingly: Points Description Breakdowns 15 CORRECTLY citing 5 peer reviewed

sources 10 pts.: 5 PEER REVIEWED sources 5pts.: SAA formatting

20 Discussion of 4 different studies 5 pts. each 45 Content 5 pts.: thesis statement

5 pts.: conclusion 35 pts.: paper content

20 Grammatics (spelling, grammar, typos) *Peer reviewed sources are written by experts and are reviewed by several other experts in the field before the article is published in a journal in order to insure the article’s quality. Books are considered acceptable. Websites are not. You may use websites but these are in addition to your five sources. If all your sources are websites you will not receive the 10 points (equal to one letter grade).

TOPICS Please read the instructions carefully. Each topic requires you discuss four (4) examples- this does not mean four sources. It means four specific examples. In sum, you must have five references and four specific examples.

Topic #1: Forensic/Bioarchaeology Anthropology Choose one of the following fields of interest in forensic anthropology or bioarchaeology: blunt force trauma; genetics; warfare in archaeological populations; evidence of disease on human skeletal remains (eg syphilis); evidence of diet on human skeletal remains (eg dental caries); isotopic studies. The paper should provide a general overview of the field of interest, a brief background of the area the studies occur, and at least 4 different studies (these can be your 4 of your 5 sources) about the topic. You can look at the technology used, the samples used, problems that occurred during the studies, or the conclusions each came to.

 Four studies may include, but not limited to, looking at four different archaeological sites; four studies on blunt force trauma on skeletons; four studies that look at evidence of disease on skeletal remains on four different individuals or four different populations.

ANT 103

Final Paper (100 pts.) Topic #2: Primatology Choose one monkey or ape and focus on a particular social behavior or topic OR choose one topic in primatology and use examples from different primates. The paper should include a basic description of the monkey(s)/ape(s) and their environment. Behaviors or topics could include (but not limited to): territorial behavior; differences in gender roles; language/communication; any studies of “culture” among the specific species; diversity of a single species (eg lemurs on Madagascar); tool making/use; child rearing; social organization; effects of tourism/logging/urban sprawl etc.. You may also discuss any other topic you find. The paper must discuss at least 4 specific studies on the topic you choose (these will be 4 of your 5 required sources).

 Four examples may include, but are not limited to, four different studies on the impacts of tourism on gorillas; four different studies on tool use among chimpanzees; looking at language use among four different primates (gorillas, chimpanzees, bonobos, and orangutan)

Topic #3: Early Hominins Choose one early hominin that was not discussed during a group presentation OR one topic in hominin evolution. If you choose this topic you CANNOT write on the hominin you were assigned for your group project. This paper should include: their place in time- both a geological age, but also where they fall in the evolution of hominins; and geographic locations where specimens have been found. You may also want to discuss social behaviors we know to be associated with the species, a basic overview of their anatomy and how it is similar or different from modern humans. After you choose your hominin you need to choose a thesis topic such as tool making, art, cannibalism, or hunting. If you choose a single topic (Choice 2) you may discuss multiple hominins in the one paper (e.g. the evolution of stone tools, or possible seafaring by early hominins). This paper must include a discussion of at least 4 different sites or specimens (these can be 4 of your 5 required sources).

 Four examples may be, but not limited to, evidence of cannibalism at four different

Neanderthal sites; four different H. erectus skeletons; four studies on four different specific aspects of H. floresiensis; four different hominin sites with evidence of early tool use.

Topic #4: Your Choice (MUST BE CLEARED WITH ME PRIOR TO THE DUE DATE) If you want to write on a topic not listed above please contact me so we can discuss the details.


  • General Instructions
    • Topic #1: Forensic/Bioarchaeology Anthropology
    • Topic #2: Primatology
    • Topic #3: Early Hominins
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