Formative Research

You will research your favorite companies and find an ad campaign that was not successful and received bad press. You will examine and pick it apart. Talk about its details, its direction, why you think it was not successful, etc. The paper is to be typed, double spaced, 5 pages minimum.

Also, the Formative Research has 7 key things to be added in the paper

Stakeholders- How this program or business is actually affected, what issue did arrive or did not arrive and what certain decision were made from this particular business.

Qualitative Research- You will ask question about the people what they observed and what they like or did not like about women smoking. What would people change differently regarding this subject. Investigative work, Personal contact with these people. At least 4 people from different perspectives.

Monitor-Web- Social Media and chat rooms referenced from my own subject.

Contacts- Who are you contacting?, Names of those people. in the business of the subject. At least 3 contacts

Problem- A solution for the issue. An action for the problem

Database- Getting Qualitative information with questions I would ask my friend, colleague or whomever, but the database information in reference from 2010 all the way to present about my issue.

Monitor Media- Constantly checking the subject in the media


The Subject- Woman Smoking

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