Option #1: Fraud Deterrence, Detection, and Prevention

Read the following case and then respond to the questions that follow: Mikes, A., Yu, G., & Hamel, D. (2013, December 10). Lehman Brothers and Repo 105. Harvard Business Review. Retrieved from

  1. How could bankruptcy have been prevented? Propose a comprehensive fraud prevention plan that would have saved Lehman Brothers had it been in place.
  2. Be sure to explain the distinct roles of each relevant party in this plan, including:
  • Senior Leadership
  • Middle Management
  • Corporate Legal Team
  • Internal Audit and the Audit Committee
  • Corporate Security

Identify the common resistance patterns encountered with the various parties and explain how to overcome them. Should your plan include a business code of conduct and ethics? Why or why not?

Please submit a paper in a Word document of three to five pages in length, not including the title and reference pages. Calculations are not required in this assignment but may be included in a table within your paper if you wish. Cite at least three resources supporting your responses, other than the course textbook.

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