Hitory presentation

History Presentation Prompt

See Course Agenda in Syllabus for times to Present

A PowerPoint must be submitted to Canvas

You are to present the art work that you created for the John Brown, Hero-Making, and Vietnam Sections of the History Module. Take pictures of your art work, embed them in a PowerPoint and explain why you chose to express your learning the way that you did.

Presentation Instructions

For the presentation, you will give a formal academic presentation of your historical art work. The content of the presentation should make connections between the content of the module and the art. Presentation materials must be submitted on Canvas before you present. See the “Course Agenda” on the syllabus for times to present.Requirements are the following:

You may present two ways. Either you can do a traditional presentation in class, or you can submit a video of yourself presenting. The video must be done as professionally as you can. Shoot the video in a public place (outside or in a classroom), and DO NOT film it in your personal living spaces. You can submit the video of your presentation to Canvas to fulfill this presentation requirement.

5 minutes (4-7 minutes)

Minimum of 1-3 sources cited

Supporting evidence

Proper oral and non-verbal Presentation skills

A PowerPoint, Keynote, or Prezi must be submitted to Canvas

See the Oral Communications Grading Rubric for further details


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