How to find out the percentage of content plagiarism

Based on the results of a year’s study at the university, students write a report called a term paper. For a teacher, a course project is a student’s report and an indicator of his readiness for future diploma defense. To assess the student’s ability to and express their thoughts and not compose a work based on excerpts. Also, and citations from literary sources, students’ coursework have a check for content plagiarism.

What content uniqueness should a term paper have?

content plagiarismUniqueness is an abstract concept, and there is no generally accepted data reflecting specific numbers or percentages. This criterion may have a different threshold for individual universities and even departments. Supervisor give report according to which he will receive, the average value of the work’s uniqueness.

Achieving 100% uniqueness for coursework is an unrealistic task since student work includes research by other writers. Even if you want to order a term paper, no author will guarantee you such a high percentage. On average, the coursework’s uniqueness is 70-85%, an indicator of 50-60% is considered low, at which the coursework is sent for revision, or a score of three points is given on it.

The indices of uniqueness can be reduced for specialties of technical and legal orientation or increased for humanitarian profiles.

How to prevent content plagiarism in a term paper?

Writing and passing a term paper is a real challenge if you follow a few simple rules. First of all, do not expect to cheat the system by resorting to synonyms or by ordering a rewrite of the coursework from authors who do not understand the topic. In such a situation, the best way out is to order a term paper, as well as follow simple rules:

  • The correct approach to the selection of the topic. Do not take what you first read on the list. To narrow a case will not allow you to find enough information for complete research. If the topic is too broad, you risk not coping with the enormous amount of data that needs to be processed.
  • Take your time to get started. Please have a few meetings with the teacher, discuss the chosen topic with him, ask for advice on the plan. This will show your responsibility and a serious approach to work.
  • It would be best to take ready-made abstracts or diplomas found on the Internet for sources. Even if you take part in the material, the work will not pass the plagiarism check. One should print the source of scientific data and literature that is not found in electronic form or free access.
  • Include only relevant information in the work. Sources over five years old are considered out of date.

If you follow these recommendations and take a responsible approach to work, you will pass any plagiarism check. You can also ensure a high uniqueness of the text using a term paper to order.

Services for checking term papers for content plagiarism

content plagiarismTo check the finished term paper for antiplagiarism, it is enough to use the exceptional services available. e.g., Free verification of student papers available to any registered user. The resource provides an opportunity for advanced verification in the paid version of the program.

The main difference between the antiplagiarism system and copywriting exchanges. Students often mistake for the necessary resources and check the work there. It is the general university recognition and certification. Almost all universities in the world use this service.

If you want to make sure of your work’s uniqueness, use the right resource. Otherwise, the results of uniqueness after checking the work by the teacher will be different.


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