How to strengthen internal controls?


Detecting Accounting Fraud Analysis and Ethics by Cecil W. Jackson

For this assignment, you will write a report to company management discussing your recommendations to strengthen the company’s internal control system for the prevention of financial statement fraud. You will select one of the cases that have been discussed thus far in the course (Chapters 1, 3, 4, 5, and 6) as the focus of your recommendations list. You may use the information that has already been analyzed about the case studies from previous group discussions to help prepare your recommendations.

Prompt: Select one of the cases that have been discussed thus far in the course. Make logical and realistic recommendations to the company management to strengthen their internal control systems. These must be supported by external resources. Each recommendation should include a clear description as well as a discussion that specifies how the recommendation would strengthen internal control. You should also identify the challenges a company might face in implementing each recommendation. Specifically the following critical elements must be addressed:

I. Case Selection: Name and briefly summarize the case.

II. Recommendations:

A. Description: Specify each recommendation with a clear description. Your recommendations must be logical and realistic and must be supported by external resources.

B. Strengthen Internal Controls: Describe how each recommendation would, in fact, strengthen the internal controls of the company to prevent fraud.

C. Challenges: Discuss the challenges the company might face in implementing each of your recommendations.

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