Training Expatriates” key components that are important to maintaining a successful mentorship with expatriates. Support your answer with one (1) real-world example of a successful expatriate mentorship.Examine key challenges that mentors face when training expatriates. Suggest two (2) actions that a mentor can take in order to assist an expatriate to adjust during a foreign assignment.”Repatriation” Please respond to the following:*From the e-Activity, ( ) the validity of the suggested best practices in terms of HR’s role in supporting expatriates returning home. Recommend one (1) other action that HR can take in order to support the expatriates in question.Suggest two (2) uses for a repatriate agreement related to clarifying the types of positions available to workers returning from an overseas assignment. Provide one (1) example that depicts one (1) of these two (2) uses for a repatriate agreement.

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