Information Technology Importance in Strategic Planning

1. For attached MIS Quarterly article. Post a summary of the theory, research design, analysis, and

conclusions regarding the article.

APA format.

2.) Reply for below post.(50-100 words)


The theory that the author has shown relates to the findings which are associated with broadcasting effects on the sales of DVD. The theory suggests the use of segmentation and product distinction since influences the availability of versions of artists conduct. Hence, the theory comes to an argument that there is no cannibalization of the movies sales by the existence of pirated media content. Hence, it is apparent that the sales of the movies would not be affected adversely with the presence of pirated versions of such content due to various factors which are presented in the article (Smith, 2009).

Research design

The research design that is deployed in this article is that of survey. The various forms of Videos in sales sites, in DVD and free areas like BitTorrent were studied and the important findings on them was documented. Hence, there is a proof that quantitative research design was deployed in this paper to study such materials. Empirical design was conducted in order to find out the qualities that would explain the sales of the movies and media materials necessary for the conducting of this research findings. Also, there was use of existing literature in the supporting of the arguments presented in the research (Smith, 2009)


Analysis was done on the videos that were studied. Analysis was done also on the data that was collected so as to come up with good findings. The growth of sales over time on DVD sales at ecommerce sites like amazon was also analyzed. Another analysis was made on the illegal downloads of movies in other sites like BitTorrent while in broadcast time. Then the results from both analyses were studied and the important findings were obtained in order to support the theory in the article. The metrics used in analysis included variables of sales for DVDs, number of downloads and the metrics concerning the consumers of such digital materials (Smith, 2009).


it was found that movie broadcast had impact on sales and privacy. There is a significant growth in sales of DVD sales at Amazon, and illegal movie downloads in BitTorrent during the broadcast time. The availability of such pirated content during the broadcast result to no post broadcast sales effect on DVD. Therefore, it is recommended that artists should use product distinction and segmentation at market strategies for favorable competition with the freely available versions/copies of their product or content. The findings resulted to the fact that the existence of the pirated content wouldn’t cannibalize movies sales. If there is paid and free products with appeal for separation of customer segments, the existence of free content would not need to harm the paid sales (Smith, 2009).


Smith, M., & Telang, R. (2009). Competing with Free: The Impact of Movie Broadcasts on DVD Sales and Internet Piracy. MIS Quarterly, 33(2), 321-338. doi:10.2307/20650294

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