international human resource management

Question 1

Human resource management has been identified as playing an important role in strategic planning and business success. Applying this in an international context, and illustrating your answer using examples from multinational organisations:

a Explain how strategic HRM can affect corporate performance.

[5 Marks]

b Discuss the key challenges a HRM/IHRM director faces in ensuring HRM/IHRM is recognised in the strategic planning process within a multinational organisation.

[5 Marks]

c Identify three areas of HRM unique to IHRM and explain their role in supporting the international corporate objectives.

[5 Marks]

Question 2

Global Employment Companies (GECs) are established by some multinational companies to manage their global workforce.

Suppose that you are the director of human resource management in a multinational company and your board is considering establishing a GEC to manage your international workforce.

Based on your own research into GECs prepare a briefing document for the board which addresses the following:

a Provide a clear definition of a GEC and examples of organisations which use them.

[3 Marks]

b Outline the key functions of a GEC.

[3 Marks]

c Outline the alternative workforce deployment models which should be considered.

[3 Marks]

d Discuss the benefits and challenges of using a GEC.

[3 Marks]

e Provide clearly justified conclusions and recommendations.

[3 Marks]

Question 3

Read the case study ‘Local and International? Managing Complex Employment Expectations’ starting on page 311 of the prescribed text book Dowling, PJ, Festing, M & Engle, AD 2017, International human resource management, 7th edn, Cengage Learning, Hampshire, United Kingdom.

a Prepare a SWOT analysis of the local international policy using information from the case study.

[3 Marks]

b Based on the SWOT analysis what changes would you recommend the company should make to the policy in order to address its emerging needs? Provide justifications for your answer.

[7 Marks]

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