Intro to Healthcare Law

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I think that when it comes down to new treatment drugs, both researchers and pharmaceutical companies benefit financially. I think that this is a very controversial topic because both work hard. However, I think that researchers are the ones that should be able to profit financially because they are the ones that spend time and effort into making these new drugs. They also dedicate enough time to figure out exactly what this new drug consists of including any side effects. Many people can argue that pharmaceutical companies also spend time into these new treatment drugs. However, researchers have spent all of their time into making sure that this new treatment is effective. Often times this takes several years. In regards to the second question, my answer would still remain the same because I believe that as long as ethical guidelines are followed this should not be an issue. I think that no matter what the situation both researchers and pharmaceutical companies work together. I think that when ethical guidelines and standards are not being followed that is when this becomes a big issue. I also believe that there are many legal issues that arise from not following ethical standards especially when it comes to new treatment drugs

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Financial management of not -far-profits is management in the commercial sector in many respects : how ever , certain key differences shift the focus of . Pharmaceutical companies have contributed to people’s improved health and prolonged life , generally speaking . Research and development of drugs that are brought to market can be costly and there are strict regulations and regulations and requirements that companies must follow in most countries .

Testing and thought clinical trails are fundamental to good medical drugs, but are numerous accusations of shortcuts, including pressing for favorable results , testing on people without their proper approval , using drugs for unapproved uses and much more . Ideologically, Many drug companies support the position of less government involvement , Yet in developing world in particular , disease and illness affect the poorest the most who cannot afford expensive ( or even sometimes cheap) treatments in the past decade or so, pharmaceutical companies have therefore also been criticized for ignoring . Many people , Most of them in tropical countries of third World, die of Preventable, curable disease …. Malaria , Tuberculosis, acute lower -respiratory infections -1998 , These claimed 6.1 million lives. People died because the drug to treat those illness are nonexistent are longer effective,. They died because it doesn’t pay to keep alive

The Public announcements of drug donations to poor countries are often Welcome , but sometimes the details reveal murkier intentions: some of the drugs are close to, or even past, their expiry date ( and expensive to dispose,adding more cost to recipient countries .Poor countries

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Well to begin with an organization actually stands to earn a profit from intergrating a compliance and ethic program. What a compliance program does is basically educate and reinforce what should or should not be done so HIPPA is not violated. But it goes beyond that because following the program actually saves a company money and builds a good work enviroment.

Anytime an organization violates HIPPA they will have to pay a fine and worse they will be on the news. Sometimes publicity can be worse than a fine because while a fine can a one time thing. A bad news publicity can change a person mind forever and this causes loss of income. So its in the best interest for an organization to create such programs so their workers are aware of the importance of the work they do no matter how minimal.

A compliance program also builds a good view from the perspective of a worker. In a world where many people work different jobs for experience we all are finding that one place to stay and feel at home. A good ethical standing organization that works hard to provide best care to patients while understanding of the workers stress stands out. While its true if a organization is too rough on its standards it can look bad but I believe its opposite in healthcare. You want to be somewhere where anyone can be held accountable if they do something wrong and yet can be understanding the same time.

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Compliance and ethic programs serve as the moral compass of an organization. Organizations has been known to get carried away and cross the line with clinical trials and medical decision making. History show numerous incidents where unethical practices have harmed and even caused death of human beings. It’s sad to see that in some countries, organizations still conduct unethical clinical trials. As recent as 2008, a clinical trial gave a placebo to thousands of infants who had in infection that had previously killed hundreds of thousands of children (Huffington Post, 2014).

Organizations who do not have a process to hold themselves accountable put the organization at risk of violating governing rules and regulations like the anti-trust, anti-fraud, HIPAA, EMTALA and many more. Besides the public shame and embarrassment, lack of an effective compliance and ethics program exposes an organization to potential law suits, monetary penalties, loss of acceptance into government insurance programs, incarceration, etc. Not to mention a compliance program is now a requirement in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA).

I remember working at a hospital many, many years ago in where the billing department one rep was entering a reimbursement amount of one penny, in order to get claims paid. She had mentioned that she heard this from another colleague at another hospital. It wasn’t that she intentionally wanted to receive additional reimbursement, she just didn’t know how to properly get the system to accept the bill electronically. It was funny, that years later, I heard of a large hospital having to pay back a large penalty and enter into an agreement of corrective action for doing this same exact action. It was mind blowing. Without internal governing bodies, who knows how many inappropriate decisions would be made on a daily basis. A bit scary, when I think about it.

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