ISYS389 DU Ch 1 Database Environment & Development Process Project

ISYS 382

This assignment is an extension of Problem 5 in Chapter 1, which you might remember was part of Assignment 1. In this case, however, the entities of the AIS student organization are provided for you below. Your task is in TWO parts:

1. Using Visio, and following the techniques in Chapter 2, create an ERD showing all of the entities, attributes, relationships and cardinalities. Be sure to label everything, including the relationships.

2. Using Visio, and following the techniques in Chapter 3, create an enhanced (hierarchical) ERD showing the supertypes and subtypes that can be inferred from the diagram in part 1. Be sure to place all of the attributes and relationships in the proper locations. Label everything, including the Completeness and Disjointness constraints. Also be sure to include any subtype discriminators.

****Put both diagrams in one Visio file on separate pages.

Part 1 should be on page 1.

Part 2 should be on page 2. (You can add another page by clicking the “+” at the bottom of the window where the page tabs are.)

AIS Student Organization Entities:

 Student  Professor  Recruiter (Company)  Recruiter Contact (Individual)  Meeting  Event  Dues Collected

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