Leadership and You

Using the Reading and Assignments you have completed to date, compose a 6–8-pages (1,800 words) APA 6th edition compliant paper, not including cover or reference page, responding to the following: 1) Demonstrate your understanding of the leadership theories and practices covered in GM502 and GM503, by selecting a leader that is identified and studied in the body of peer-reviewed literature. Based on this leader’s performance, clearly articulate three or more strengths and three or more weaknesses of this leader. Note: This leader should not be one that you have used in previous Assignments. 2) After researching this leader, identify which leadership theory or practice most accurately reflects this leader’s approach. Support your selection with specific and cited sources from your textbooks and other studies in the literature. 3) Provide at least three recommendations to this leader that would increase his or her effectiveness, using the information you have gained in this course. Use a holistic approach when offering these recommendations. Be sure to include all of the variables you considered when making your recommendations. 4) Provide a concise and articulate description on how you will be integrating the knowledge gained from your study of leadership into your own practice in becoming a more effective leader that has a positive influence on followers of your leadership guidance.

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