Lean Healthcare

Book pages do not match….

Please read pages 25-36 and the appendix pages 220-225 in your book Practical Lean Six Sigma for Healthcare. Review the videos posted to this module on the A3 Report and Problem Identification. The deliverable for this assignment will be to write a problem statement for an A3 Report or Project Charter.

Ideally I would like you to identify a problem from somewhere in your professional life that you are willing to share with others. Please do not use specific company names (Company XYZ), instead use something generic. I know we are studying healthcare, but I will not require that your problem statement be healthcare related. This should open up the possibilities for everyone taking this course. We will be using this problem statement for future assignments regarding project execution so please take this serious and come up with something that can be developed. The hope is that we can identify a problem that will lead to a project charter and something you can actually work through and implement improvements.

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