Marketing Communications Plan Executive Summary

This is a team paper and my part is only minimum150 words and no more than 160 words which will answer the following question only;

Step 2

  1. How the team will measure and evaluate the new Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) plan.

The paper’s requirements is listed below; also, read the attached file first before answering the question!

Make sure you mention the selected business and service in the answer. Use in-text citation according to the reference used.

For your final Learning Team assignment, complete a Marketing Communications Plan Executive Summary using the information from the Learning Team assignments in Weeks 2-4:

  • Product and Target Market Identification Paper
  • Competitive and Segmentation Analysis Presentation
  • Analysis of Marketing Communication Tools Paper

Step 1

Write a 1-page Executive Summary to the board of the company for the product or service you chose in your Week 2 Learning Team assignment. Be sure to mention the following:

  1. Product
  2. Target Market
  3. Competition
  4. Product Positioning
  5. Marketing Tools

Step 2

Write a 1-page Evaluation and include:

  1. How the team will measure and evaluate the new IMC plan.
  2. Develop evaluation tools to measure IMC plan effectiveness. (This is based on how you will measure. It might be a survey, or an email, or Analytic goals. Think about the tools you will need for the evaluation).

Combine Steps 1 and 2 into one cohesive document.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Minimum 3 references required.

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