In order to successfully complete this assignment, the student must:

  1. Select one article from the list below and read carefully and completely.
  2. Write a one-page, single-spaced review of the article.
  3. The review should have four elements:
    • What is the author’s primary argument/thesis?
    • What evidence of support does the author give to defend and/or prove the argument/thesis?
    • In your view, what are the strengths of the article?
    • In your view, what are the weaknesses of the article?
  4. The review should meet the following format guidelines:
    • It should be typed (single-space)
    • Students should save the final document as a Word or .rtf document (rich text format).
    • The margins should be set at one inch (top, bottom, left, right).
    • The font style should be Times New Roman.
    • The font size should be 12 point.
    • Type your name in the upper left hand corner of the paper.
  5. Grades for this assignment will be based on the following:
    • The extent to which you successfully identify the author’s primary argument (70 points possible).
    • The extent to which you identify and summarize the author’s supporting evidence (70 points possible).
    • The quality of your evaluation of the strengths of the article (35 points possible).
    • The quality of your evaluation of the weaknesses of the article (35 points possible).
    • Spelling, grammar, punctuation, and minor plagiarism (20 points possible)
    • 230 points TOTAL possible.
    • Failure to follow the format guidelines will result in substantial loss of points.
    • Poor spelling and grammar/punctuation will also result in a loss of points.
  6. SafeAssign: When students submit their essays, the essays will be automatically submitted through SafeAssign, a plagiarism detection program. Warning: This is not a collaborative activity. Though several students may choose to review the same article, they should refrain from working together on their written reviews. SafeAssign will notify the professor of any papers that are the same as or similar to one another. It will also notify the professor of papers that are the same as or similar to those submitted by students from past semesters and students currently assigned to another course section. In cases where SafeAssign indicates that two students have turned in the same review or reviews that have a high degree of similarity as to indicate collaboration, said students will be subject to sanctions. To avoid this, simply do your own work in your own words. Your assignments are automatically processed through SafeAssign when you submit them to the class.
  8. Academic honesty: When submitting written work, students are on their honor. Any student found to have engaged in plagiarism will be subject to disciplinary action per college policy. Students should review the College’s statement on plagiarism on the course menu.

The article you choose to review must be selected from the following list:

Blight, David W. The meaning or the fight-Frederick Douglas and the memory of the Fifty Fourth Massachusetts.pdf

Chandler, David. Representing the Mad King-George III in the Cinema.pdf

D’Souza, Dinesh – The Crimes of Christopher Columbus.pdf

Gill, Valerie. Catherine Beecher and Charlotte Perkins Gilman-Architects of Female Power.pdf

Martin, Wendy. Women and the American Revolution.pdf

McCarthy, Patrick. The Mountain Man and American Anguish.pdf

Smith, Cheryl C. – Out of Her Place-Anne Hutchinson.pdf

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