MBA674 Career Institute of Florida Green Sourcing Process Research Paper

In an effort to enhance their image in the eyes of an eco-friendly consumer, your chosen company has hired you to provide specific recommendations for completing each step of their Green Sourcing process.

Conduct research to capture a clear view of the company’s Green Sourcing processes. Then, create an outline of the Green Sourcing process. Your outline should include the information defined within each step of the Green Sourcing process that is relevant to sourcing for the production and sale of the company’s product.

Develop a white paper to discuss the company’s options. It should include an introduction that contains the purpose statement for your work and the steps to be followed in the narrative. This will demonstrate your understanding of how to approach the assignment, including the literature review and recommendations for action by the company.


Include a minimum of five scholarly resources within the last 5 years covering green sourcing, sustainability, and eco-friendly operations. The majority should be from peer-reviewed journals.

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