MKTG469 UOI Social & Cultural Factors for the Netherlands Research

One page paper about the social and cultural factors for the Netherlands. This research will be used to determine a product to introduce to the Netherlands (not a concern for the tutor just something to keep in mind when doing the research).

The bullets in the list below should be viewed as examples of what you can include rather than a complete list.

Social and Cultural Factors for the Netherlands:

  • – What are cultural factors that may influence consumer preferences?
  • – What is the level if Internet-usage? Other media related behaviors?
  • – What is the typical social organization, e.g., number of children per family?
  • – Hofstede measures of cultural differences

I will also attach class notes regarding culture to better aid in writing the paper. Please review the notes to help you write.

Please include references you use. No plagiarizing whatsoever as this will be run through safe assign.

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