Mobile Application Development computer science homework help

Project Phase 3

Your min Sdk version must be set to 21

One person on team needs to create a zip file and submit against link.The zip file must include all team member (Martin Abraham, Aryeh Hoffman, Sriram Ravipati) names and project phase (example:calandra_smith_phase2_ap-debug.apk)

.apk file

build.gradle (Module app)

project source (src) directory

Make sure in your project proposal your Phase 3 deliverables are very clear, I see these deliverables when I run your .apk file, and your source code includes comments so that I can clearly see which team partner wrote which section of code for the deliverables (please put last name in comments above your code, both XML and Java)

Class project phase 3 is worth 25 points.

Class Project Presentations

Guidelines:CIS622 Class Project Presentation Guidelines.pd.pdf

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