Module 4

please read the PDF and answer the following questions:

Organizational Behavior in Action

State Street Corporation Makes a Business Case for Flexible Work

Chapter 13, page 278

  1. Can flex work really be all that good? What could be several disadvantages to the individual and the organization of so many company employees having flexible work schedules?
  2. To what extent do you think that State Street is really the wave of the future in terms of how employees conduct their work?
  3. one organization wants to develop programs to reduce stress in the workplace. Given the specifics of the organization, describe, in detail, four programs that you would recommend that the organization could/should adopt. Rank these four programs in terms of their relative cost (in dollars) to the organization, if these were to be implemented company wide. Make sure you provide a detailed representation of how you arrive at the cost estimations (e.g., number of employees, cost assumptions, etc.)
  4. Briefly and in your own words describe each of the five classical conflict management styles (based on the juxtaposition of two dimensions of satisfying one’s own concerns and the concerns of others). To illustrate the utility of understanding the five-conflict management model, describe different scenarios/ situations when, in experiencing conflict with co-workers in your selected organization, you would use each of these five approaches.
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