Module 6 Assignment

  1. Identify one country from the following two regions/continents of the world: The Americas and Africa. The selected country should NOT be your country of origin. Look up Hofstede’s actual date in the two countries with respect to individualism/collectivism and Power Distance. (Google Click on “Hofstede Center” and click the country comparison link). Create a simple table using the data you gather. Your selected organization is preliminarilyexploring doing business in these two countries. Explain what you find with respect to these two dimensions associated with the two countries you have selected and highlight its potential managerial and cultural implications,IF, your selected organization decided, in the future to do business in these two countries.
  2. Describe four strategies that your selected organization is currently utilizing to harness work force diversity. Provide four specific recommendation to your selected organization to further gain the competitive advantage from work force diversity. Provide two specific
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