Need this presentation done ASAP, via Powerpoint or Google Slides. NO SOPHISTICATED VOCABULARY

In this task, you will create a presentation to your Congress member to encourage him or her to support passage of this trade agreement. Include these elements in your presentation:

  • an overview of the potential agreement
  • major regions and industries that would be positively affected
  • tariffs or barriers to trade in place before the execution of this agreement
  • how consumers will benefit from this trade agreement
  • at least two other Congress members or industry leaders who are in support of this agreement and why
  • at least one Congress member or industry that is against this agreement and why
  • how this agreement will benefit the US economy overall
  • how people in your state specifically will benefit from this agreement

Keep these criteria in mind as you create your presentation:

  • Create at least 12 slides, including one title slide and one slide listing works cited.
  • Write the information on the slides in your own words except when using direct quotes.
  • Include relevant and appropriate graphics on your slides.
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