Part one and two

Instructions: Please make sure you cover all topics and instructions dutifully as requested by the teacher. These assignment is a total of 18points, and the teacher is very strict with grading and I cant afford to lose any more points, that is why am giving you $40. Also make sure you title and number Sections to reflect the assignment titles and numbers as they are listed in both paper. Lastly separate paper for these assignments. I attached the grading guide and outline below.

Part one- Social, Ethical, and Legal Implications Paper

Purpose of Assignment

The purpose of this assignment is to help students think through the importance of social, legal, and ethical issues that may arise with their product or service and the implications of decisions made within those frameworks. It is designed to help the learners understand ethical and legal issues related to marketing practices. This knowledge helps to prevent such issues when developing the marketing strategies in their marketing plan. The executive overview of the marketing plan is not a summary and conclusion, but an overview of what the plan entails and what it does not address.

Assignment Steps/Format

Note: the Social, Ethical, and Legal Implications assignment is part of the total marketing plan as outlined in the grading guide. It is not a separate paper. Producing and marketing a product without regard to ethical, legal, and social considerations is detrimental to the overall success of any company.


The selected company is the Week One researched Company; the product/service was selected in Week Two. (Company is Coca-Cola and the product is the drinks)

A Very Important Clarification on the Week Six Individual Assignment.

Do not copy and paste from prior weeks your entire papers, only copy and paste what is being asked in the week six topic assignment.

Also, for each stated topic, please address your domestic market choice and your one country foreign market choice.

Please, see below:


The selected company is the Week One researched Company; the product/service were selected in Week Two. (Coca-Cola and drinks)

1 – Introduction

Describe separately in sub-titled sections:

a – the company,

b – the product,

c – and the elements you will be addressing in your plan,

2 – Incorporate Executive Summary (Week 6)

After researching the components typically included in an Executive Summary, provide such elements. Using numbers, include:

  1. Strategic Objectives
  2. Products or Services
  3. Resources Needed
  4. Projected Outcomes (3 years)

3 – Incorporate Understanding Target Markets (Week 2)

Describe separately in sub-titled sections:

a – Select a geographical area,

b – provide a customer demographic profile,

c – provide the quantitative demographics for the geographical area,

d – compute the area market potential for the selected target market.

4 – Incorporate Promotion and the Product Life Cycle (Week 3)

Describe separately in sub-titled sections:

Here you discuss how Promotion Strategies change in each one of the five stages:

a -Introduction,

b – Growth,

c – Maturity, ‘

d – Decline,

e – Termination)

of the PLC

5 – Incorporate Price and Channel Strategy (Week 4)

Describe separately in sub-titled sections:

Here you provide your Distribution Plan for

a – your product/service,

b – your selected channels (be specific)

c – and the pricing (use ‘numbers’) schedules for the selected channels.

6 – Incorporate Marketing Communication and Brand Strategy (Week 5)

Describe separately in sub-titled sections:

Here you describe

a – the message you would use to start your brand and

b – to then maintain your brand,

c – and describe the 6 marketing elements strategies to build and maintain your product/service brand.

7 – Legal, Social and Ethical Considerations (Week 6)

Describe separately in sub-titled sections:

Here you enter:

a – legal,

b – social

c – and ethical issues related to the marketing of your product and service.

8 – Develop a process to monitor and control marketing performance (Week 6)

Describe separately in sub-titled sections:

Use specific numbers or

a – expected number ranges and

b – describe how you would monitor your marketing implementation.

9 – Conclusion

Here you conclude your plans.

Please, make sure that your paper contains 9 Titled and numbered Sections to reflect the assignment titles and numbers as they are listed above.

Cite a minimum of four peer-reviewed references.

Include all peer-reviewed references from the previous weeks’ individual assignments in your marketing plan. Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.

Part two- MARKETING METRICS (separate paper, 500 words minimum. You can use any product)


1 – Positioning

2 – Targeting

3 – Product strategy

4 – Pricing strategy

5 – Promotion strategy

6 – Distribution strategy

A – Choose a product or service of your choice, and describe its tangible and intangible qualities

B – Identify and define the Key Performance Indicators you would use to monitor your promotion strategy:

B1 – for a television strategy

B2 – for a print strategy

B3 – for a web site strategy

B4 – for a social media strategy

Please, provide at least two research sources in your reply to this message. Also, please, address each topic as separate titled paragraphs. Thanks.


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