personal health

Students should develop a Personal Health Plan linked to chapters covered throughout the semester.  Consider the chapters covered and think of what topics best resonate with you. (three to four subject matters) Chapter 3 Mental Health, chapter 11 Sexually transmitted infections,Students are required to complete and submit a final paper (capstone project). The document should consist of 6 pages and this does not include the cover and references pages.  References must not be more than 5 years old (2020) without prior approval) and must be from peer-reviewed professional journals. You may use 5 to 10 references.  Absolutely no blogs!  No magazine or newspaper articles without prior approval.  Please note that the capstone should be written in APA format, third person. (cover, and reference pages).  6th or 7th edition. You should answer the below questions within this project. Answer the below questions.Why did you select the topics covered in your paper?How can you use the information learned in this course to make improvements to your health?List what researchers reported about the topics you selected to focus on for your project.What are the recommendations for you and your classmates?

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