Personality Theories Synthesizer


Weekly Discussion 1

Personality Theories Synthesizer

Suppose you are the grand compiler of personality theories.

  • How would you synthesize the various personality theories covered in this course?
  • Which of the theories made the greatest impact on your thinking about human personality?
  • What features of these theories did you find most influential?

Post should be at least 300 words.



Required Resources

Lecci, L.B. & Magnavita, J.J. (2013). Personality Theories: A Scientific Approach. San Diego: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.

  • Chapter 10: Personality and Psychopathology

Lombardo, G.P, & Foschi, R. (2003).  The concept of personality in 19th-century French and 20th-century American psychology. History of Psychology 6(2), 123-142. (EBSCOhost PsycArticles AN: 2003-03729-003).

Recommended Website

Jung Typology Test™: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. This is a link to a personality test based on Jung and Myers Briggs typology.  This is optional and will not be discussed in class, but is included as it may be of interest to you as you learn more about these theories.

The humanistic theories help to understand how to apply certain psychological theories that are presented in a way that emphasizes human nature as good with the potential to always improve.” The humanistic therapist accompanies/guides clients to free themselves from assumptions and positions that might be blocking them from living fuller lives” (CCPE, Psychological and Educational Services, 2018). In other words, allowing for affirmation of small successes when there are positive behavioral changes that increase self-confidence or active self-actualization. Humanistic Psychology looks at the whole person, not just the behavior that needs to change.


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